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Are you planning to send your car for repairs within and outside Abuja,  but can’t drive it that far due to mechanical constraints? Not to worry anymore if you are planning to send it from Ntech Multiserve Ltd, for us from Ntech Multiserve Towing are here to help you at all times for all kinds of towing in and outside Abuja.

We are professionals and leaders in providing high-quality and reliable towing services (cars, trucks, minivans, SUVs, trailers, or motorcycles) within and outside Abuja for years and we pride ourselves on our extremely high customer service satisfaction.

We also offer long-distance and heavy-duty towing. In the case of long-distance towing, we have to say that we excel in reaching out to a maximum number of cities in Nigeria and this is why you should just not think of anything else and call us for Towing.

We have often felt that when it comes to offering such services where we have to deal with clients from the time they call us, to the time we give them services, we should give only our best. In terms of behavior, the telephone helpline operator, the dispatcher, and the others like the tow truck operators – all are very understanding. Suppose your car is stuck in some place for one reason or another, then just a phone call even at midnight, we would ensure a dispatcher at your service at that exact place in no distant time of your call.


Our rates for towing are the most reasonable with us of course, and yes, we understand that you might not be able to move your car or have it driven too, or worse, it has to be delivered at a place where the roads are bad or bumpy. Our truck operators come in handy on such occasions. They are experienced in handling such works with great skill and ease. This means that while going for Ntech Multiserve Towing, you can rest assured that your cars will be strapped and hooked as carefully to the truck that there will be no damage whatsoever during the journey and so you need not worry at all.

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